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Morphing Projections

MorphingProjections is an interactive technique based on the use of animated transitions between scatterpolots. It was initially conceived for the analysis of time series of electric power demand, but admits many other types of analysis.

The basic idea is a smooth and continuous transition (morphing) between several basic views (scatterplots) each of which represents a different aspect of the information. In the application developed for the analyis of electric power demand we have considered three types of basic views.

  • Projections of the 24-hour demand vectors, using manifold learning techniques. In this type of view, close points represent similar profiles of daily demand, resulting therefore in a representation that describes the "types" of daily demand.
  • "Clock" encodings, where the points are arranged in a circular way, according to their time instant, having different periodicities (daily, weekly, anually), resulting in representations similar to clocks, that are easily understandable by the user.
  • Specific encodings, such as calendars, that allow the user to consider social time granularities (such as holidays, sports events, scheduled activity periods, etc.).
The animated transitions between basic views (morphing) allow the user to keep a mental model of the data between views. This allows to connect very different concepts on the data and very diverse time granularities. Also, morphing allows to define new views, resulting from "mixing" two or mor basic views, that describe in a combined way the information of the basic views that integrate them. The combination between morphing and other interaction elements, such as zoom, pan, multiple selection / brush, results in an immersive interface that allows the user to link and combine information about the demand in ways unseen on previous work.

The concept of morphing projections provides a general framework extensible to other types of problems, such as spatiotemporal or multiway analysis.


Presentation (slides) at EUROVIS 2012

You can download the slides presented at Eurovis2012 (pdf slides EUROVIS 2012)

Poster of the idea

See below a poster with the idea of morphingProjections, presented in the congress IDA2011, in Oporto (pdf available here).