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Department of Electrical, Electronics, Computers and Systems Engineering

Fernando Briz del Blanco

Full Professor

Catedrático de Universidad




Campus de Gijon, 2.1.07

33204, Gijón, Spain



Phone: 34 985 182 289

FAX:   34 985 182 068



Sub-Director of the Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Computers and Systems Department

Coordinator of the Ph.D. program on Energy and Process Control

Programs Chair of the IEEE Industry Applications Society – Industrial Drives Committee


Head of the Power Electronics and Electric Drives Lab



Public funded R+D projects

Projects with industry



Publications & technical societies


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Paper awards

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Teaching & academic positions

Academic positions

Master on Electrical Energy Conversion and Power Systems

o   Dynamic control of ac machines

o   Control and monitoring in renewable energy systems

o   Power systems in hybrid and electric vehicles

o   Generic and specific research topics


Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Sustainable Transportation and Electrical Power Systems (EMMC STEPS)

o   Design of hybrid (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV)


Erasmus Mundus Master on Mechatronics

o   Sensors and actuators