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Planificación de Fechas

  • Fecha límite recepción de solicitudes: 31 de Octubre de 2013.
  • Entrevistas Personales: Previsiblemente los días 7 y 8 de Noviembre (se confirmará por email a los candidatos seleccionados para esta fase).
  • Incorporación de candidato: (ASAP) Enero 2014

Vacantes Ofertadas



The IT-SDC group is in charge of providing the core operational and development support the distributed computing infrastructure (grid) and tools used by the experiments.

The selected candidate will work on coordination and integration efforts with direct relationship with the LHC experiments. It is expected that the private cloud grows up to more than 100,000 servers in three years and the experiments have to be able to migrate to the new infrasctucture.

In particular, she will integrate the workload management systems (WMS) of ATLAS and CMS within the private cloud. She will help desinging several parts of the system, coordinating the deployment and transition and work on the new monitoring tools needed for the infrastructure.

Requirements: University Degree or equivalent in Computer Science or Engineering. Strong programming skills in scripting languages such as Python, good knowledge of computing systems, networks and Linux. Databases, web technologies and frameworks, such as Django, are a plus.

More information about CERN IT-SDC GROUP: IT-SDC

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