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Morphing projections

Interactive dimensionality reduction (iDR)

Radial visualization

Maps of dynamics

Matrix visualization ("small multiples")

Novelty detection of dynamic behavior

Self-Organizing Maps (SOM)

State trajectory of a nonlinear system

Multitouch interface for data visualization

Interactive data cubes

Interactive demos

Online air quality: PM10-Gijón Online visualization of PM10 particle concentration in Gijón: live data of the last week
Spiral web visualization Basic example of spiral web visualization for several electric power demand parameters from a hospital
Interactive web visualization (zoom, pan) Basic example of interactive web visualization of electric power demand in a hospital
Power factor visualization Example of power factor visualization in a rural area, aggregated by day hour and weekday
Electric demand forecasting in UK Example of electric demand forecasting in july 2013, from training data between may 2011 and may 2012. The example uses an extreme learning machine (ELM) algorithm.
iDR visualization: map of vibration states (version using P5js) Interactive 2D projection of vibrational states, organized by similarities in a set of frequency bands, allowing to filter values, add labels, zoom and pan, etc.
iDR visualization: Electic power demand Interactive 2D map of electric power demand 24-hour patterns, organized by similarities.
iDR visualization: Environmental patterns Visualize an interactive map of electric stations (anonymized), organized by similarities on their emision signatures (6 parameters: SOx, NOx, Dust, etc.)
iDR visualization: map of vibration states Interactive 2D projection of vibrational states, organized by similarities in a set of frequency bands of a rotating machine (induction motor) under mechanical imbalance (eccentric mass) and electrical imbalance (different levels of asymmetric load in one of the phases).

Note: in the iDR visualizations, the user can modify the weight of each variable in the computation of the similarity metrics, by dragging the mouse on the corresponding bar in the bottom-right corner. This has the effect of modifying the layout of the displayed elements to accommodate the user-driven changes in the similarity metrics